Delivery and returns

Extract from our Terms of Use:

Article 4. – The Order
The item on the shopping bag are not reserved and can be bought by other clients as long as the customer has not received a confirmation for his/her order by email.

The Buyer has the possibility to order online, from the online catalog by mean of the form figured, for all products, while stocks last.In case of unavailability of an ordered product, the Buyer will be informed by an email.

In order to validate the order, the Buyer will have to accept, by clicking the indicated spot, the present terms of use. He will also have to choose the address and the shipping method, and lastly validate his methods of payment.

The sale will be considered as definitive:
– after the shipping to the Buyer of the confirmation of acceptation of the order, by the Seller, by email.
-and after the collection by the Seller of the entirety of the price;

Every order means an acceptation of the price and description of the products available for purchasing.Any Contestation on this point will intervene in the framework of a possible exchange and of the guarantee mentioned below.

In some cases, in particular for a payment default, a wrong address or any problem attributable to the Buyer, the Seller reserves himself the right to block the order until the resolution of the problem.

Cancellation of this product order and it’s possible refund will then be executed, the rest of the order remaining firm and definitive.

Article 11. – Terms of Delivery
11.1 Delivery time
The delivery means a transfer to the customer of the physical possession or the control of the good. It’s done only after the payment confirmation by the bank of the Seller.

AMPLR Paris is not responsible for any delay due to the delivery company. Delivery time are not taking into account the possible delay from stock availability.

Delivery time for France Métropolitaine: 7 days
Delivery time for DOM-TOM : 15 days
Delivery time for European Union : 10 days
Delivery time for outside European Union : 20 days

11.2 Shipping Fees
If the shipping address is outside the European Union, Customs fees will be at the charge of the customer. AMPLR Paris has no control over those fees which are at the entire responsibility of the customer.

Free shipping for an order of 800€ and more.
Return shipping fees at the charge of the client.

11.3 Delivery issues
The products are delivered at the address indicated by the buyer on the ordering form, the buyer must verify it’s accuracy. Any package sent back to Seller due to a wrong or incomplete address will be re-shipped to the expense of the Buyer. The Buyer can, at his request, obtain the sending of a bill to the address of facturation and not to the address of delivery, by validating this option on the ordering form.

If the buyer is absent the days of delivery, the delivery service will leave a delivery notice in the mailbox, that will allow to collect the package at the place indicated and within the time indicated.
If at the moment of the delivery the package is damaged, torn or opened, the Buyer must verify the state of the products.If they have been damaged, the Buyer must without fail refuse the package, and note a reserve on the delivery note (package refused because opened or damaged).

The buyer must indicate on the delivery form in the form of handwriting reserves, along with his signature, any anomaly concerning the delivery (damages, missing products regarding the ordering form, damaged package, broken products, etc).This verification is considered as executed as soon as the Buyer, or another person authorized by him, signed the delivery receipt.

The Buyer will then have to confirm by registered letter those reserves to the transporter at the most two working days following the reception of the articles, and transmit a copy of this letter by fac or postal to the Seller at the address indicated in the terms of use of the website.

If the products needs to be resent to the Seller, they must be subjected by a return claim upon the Seller, in the 14 days following the delivery. Any claim formulated after this time can not be accepted.The return of the product will only be accepted with the product in it’s original state (packaging, accessories included, notice, product never worn, washed, damaged or modified).

11.4. Delivery Mistake
The Buyer will have to formulate to the Seller, the same day of the delivery or at the most the first working day following the delivery, any claim of mistake of delivery or claim of non conformity of the product in nature or quality regarding to the indications stated on the ordering form. Any claim formulated after this time will be rejected.The claim will be made at the following email address:

Any reclamation not made according the rules defined above and in the time defined above, can not be accepted and will release the Seller of any responsibility towards the Buyer.At the time of reception of the claim, the Seller will issue an exchange number of the concerned products, and will communicate it by email to the Buyer.The exchange of a product can take place only after the attribution of the exchange number.

In case of mistake of delivery, any product to exchange or to refund, will have to be returned to the Seller in it’s entirety and in it’s original packaging, to the following address:
AMPLR PARIS – 18 Villa Lafontaine – 91080 Courcouronnes – France

The return costs are at the expense of the Seller.

Article 13. – Return Policy
According to the article L121-21 du Code de la consommation, the customer has the right to cancel his/her order in a period of time of 14 days after the reception of the order.

In case of free shipping, the shipping fees will be applied if the amount of the articles kept by the customer is inferior to the necessary amount required to benefit from the free shipping. Shipping fees will then be removed from the payback to the customer.

The customer who wants to return his/her order will have to send the products back at the address of:
AMPLR PARIS – 18 Villa Lafontaine – 91080 Courcouronnes – France

The items will have to be returned in their original states (packaging, accessories included, notice, product never worn, washed, damaged or modified) with a copy of the bill or any other element who can enable the identification of the order and the customer.

In the case of the items sent back by the customers will be non suitable to be sold again, the customer would not be paid back but he/she could ask for the shipping of the items, this time at his/her charge.

According to the article L121-21 du Code de la consommation, the customer will be getting his money back as soon as possible and not past 30 days after the return of the items. The pay back will be on the credit card which was used for the paiement of the item and after the control of the proper state of the return item.

Any damages or lose happening to the items during the shipping back from the customer will be at the full responsibility of the customer.